NTX™™ Announces Strategic Joint Venture of NTEU for the Local-to-Local Manufacture of Next Generation Medical Grade PPE Respirators to Combat COVID-19 and Beyond

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Dec. 23, 2020 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Shanghai, China, Singapore, Taipei, Taiwan) – Face masks have been paramount in protection against transmission of COVID-19. Nations which were capable of strategic ramp-up and rapid deployment of are among the most protected against infection, where as those which could not from the first onset saw facemask rationing, in turn severe lock downs that resulted in great economic and social unrest. Despite COVID-19 seeing the fastest vaccine development and deployment in human history, indifferent to the seasonal flu, vaccination is only protective against the original strain. Facemasks remain the first line of defense not only in the prevention of varied COVID-19 strains, but most importantly in protecting us from the next epi/pandemic starting from Day 0.

COVID-19 & NTX™™ Super N95 – the Ultimate Face Mask

Existing N95 (and the like) respirators are notorious to breath through – this is because existing respirators rely upon multiple & heavy layers to allow for the effective filtration of infectious or harmful particles. NTX™™ Super N95 utilizes a nano-fiber filtration layer in conjunction with a single light weight melt-blown filtration layer to uncompromisingly, safely and effectively filter out the same harmful particles but with 3x the breathability.

Local-to-Local Manufacture: NTEU

Until now, Europe has been reliant on the importation of FFP2 grade respirator facemasks for first responders, frontline medical community, and the general public. From the first days of the COVID pandemic Europe was handicapped in combating transmission by an inability to secure sufficient quality facemasks – as such losing precious time and opportunity to contain the virus. NTEU is intended to provide high quality FFP2 grade respirator facemasks locally to provide said security. NTEU will commence supplying to the European market starting in the Netherlands and Germany beginning in the first half of 2021.

About NTEU:

Three entrepreneurs have a history of successfully initiating and building young, dynamic and fast-growing companies in various fields. The newest addition to this expansion is the start of the NTEU group in The Netherlands.

About NTX™:

World leading textile innovation & solutions company. We are passionate to being good stewards of mother earth so as to bring about a better future for generations to come. This is why we create industry disruptive technologies that are uncompromising to quality, consistency, economy and resource usage. (www.ntx.global)

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